Summer skin started with two close friends living on the surf coast of Australia who share a love for glowing skin, nature's magic, sunshine and quality skincare.

We have always been on the hunt for the perfect natural skincare range but found it hard to find an honest brand that looked good, felt good, and was good for your skin. A bit of a light bulb moment and boom - we were hard at work with some of Australia's best experts in the industry creating our dream brand - Summer Skin Australia! 

It's hugely important to us that we create our products with quality ingredients right here in Australia. We also want them available at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy them. We have designed all our products to be gentle for sensitive skin while also giving skin an intense hydration boost. And of course - packaging is a big deal, right? Who doesn't want a splash of pink in their bathroom or on their Instagram feed. We are both big believers in products that do not contain chemicals or toxic ingredients and we want to help spread this knowledge. 

Enjoy the glow!

Lil and Georgia  xx 

Summer Skin Australia Co-Founders